Arthritis and Exercise (Video)

Dos and don’ts of exercise etiquette

I often hear from people that they stood on concrete their whole life and now they need a knee joint replacement. Why does only one of the knees need replaced? Was the other knee standing on carpet? If it just standing on concrete then shouldn’t both knees need to be replaced at the same time? The difference is is that one knee is using muscles to compensate differently than the other knee. This in turn pulls on the joint allowing for quicker breakdown of the cartilage on one side than another. Stretching and strengthening your muscles will allow for them to pull equally on the joint and allow for minimal degeneration.
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Swim in the right lane When the lifeguards designate swimming lanes as slow, medium and fast, donat ignore the signs just so you can have a lane to yourself. Separating swimmers by speed allows everyone to get in a good workout while minimizing the possibility of swimmers running into each other. 9. Itas not your personal shower Youare not that close with anyone in the locker room, so keep your towel on except for when youare standing in the shower. Limit your shower activities to washing your body and hair and leave all other personal grooming to the privacy of home. 10. Donat be a Chatty Cathy Group exercise classes arenat social events.
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8 Ways to Energize Your Exercise Routine

Working out with a friend is not only a good way to spend time with someone who is important to you, it also provides for an instant accountability partner. Ask your friend to help hold you accountable to your exercise program. Ask him or her to not let you off the hook if you say you are too busy or too tired. When commitments and goals are shared, they are more easily reached. 6.
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Exercise may boost mood during pregnancy – but up to 75% of pregnant women are inactive

law calls for DNA tests on umbilical cord blood collected from some teen moms For moms-to-be, a new study finds that exercise throughout your pregnancy can improve your mood and boost your energy levels. Researchers from the University of Western Ontario examined whether a four-week intervention of exercise would boost the psychological well-being of 56 previously inactive pregnant women. The subjects were on average 22.5 weeks pregnant, and they exercised for 30 minutes about four times a week. Findings showed “significant improvements” in the moods of the women, as well as reduced levels of fatigue. Exercise was assessed using accelerometers, with the women working out at moderate to vigorous levels. The results, announced Friday, appear online in the journal Psychology & Health.
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